Ways reverse vasectomy Can Make You Invincible

very important but I will tell you that the reason that’s important is because when I do the reversal the first thing I do once I make my incision and I find where the vas was cut at the time of the vasectomy and I open up that tube I look at the fluid coming out and that fluid is going to teach me and tell me what operation I need to do and where I need to put that man’s.

Together because we reverse vasectomy grade our fluid based on the presence of sperm and the consistency of the fluid and that’s critical because what can happen and a man’s sperm fluid over time is it can develop what we call inspirations which is essentially where the fluid gets very very thick up to sometimes the consistency of and I don’t gross people out but we do use the word toothpaste.

And it looks just like you’re squeezing a tube of toothpaste when that fluid comes out that’s not even fluid anymore and the reason that’s important is that if I saw that and I put that man’s vas deferens back together perfectly and I would come out and say it was a great operation I’m very happy with not only my surgical technique but how things went I have done nothing I’ve done nothing to make that couple any more fertile than they were before their vasectomy.

Because that fluid is so thick that that body the vas deferens will never be able to push that out to get back to where the sperm really are so if I see thick fluid that is there that I know is unable to be ejaculated when I actually put this man back together then that operation can’t be done and I have to go to a slightly different procedure which we’ll talk about but when I do that slightly different procedure success rates go down so for me a great day in the operating.

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