Here’s What People Are Saying About Tucson Ac Repair

Coil right now we’re getting a Tucson ac repair degree split across this condenser coil no bubbles in the sight glass indicates that we have enough with plenty of liquid refrigerant going to the metering device so I’m not necessarily hesitant wanting to add more refrigerant the thing that I’m not exactly a hundred percent happy with is that low side pressure of pounds now with the low side pressure of pounds my concern is that my mouth boy is running too cold that.

I’m going to ice up I took an actual load temperature of the suction line coming out of the evap coil and that number is degrees Fahrenheit below zero it’s above degrees I am NOT going to ice up my evaporator coil so even though I’ve got a lower pressure than I really would normally be seeing I’m not necessarily going to change anything I also took an after are on the unit the amps are actually the same . amps and I can go up to eight point eight amps that compressor is not stressed.

so we are completely done this unit for the annual service all that we have to do is I’m going to take the gauges off and I’m going to once everything’s done we’ll wash down this coil but basically that was the process okay I want to get my gauges off of the unit I’m done having refrigerant into the unit so when I was adding in I was adding refrigerant in the liquid state so this is what I’m going to do I’m going to spin this around this valve is still open but now it’s going to give me a little bit about all right what I’m going to do is I’m going to shut the tank off.

I still have liquid in this line I want to get all that liquid in to mute it so I’m going to open this up and open I’m going to let that let that purge into the to the low side to get all this out I’ll also what I’ll do is I’ll open something a little just a little bit of paper in here just making sure.

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